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Why We Started Supreme Films

For over 20 years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of protective film and coating technology, even while others settled for the latest “industry standard.” When profits led other companies to stagnation, we realized the world of protective films and coatings needed an innovator. So, in 1995 we began working on technology that would go above and beyond for our clients.

But we recognized our industry had another problem—film manufacturers often don’t work with the installers and consumers they sell to. So, our mission from day one has been simple—to provide exceptional films & coatings while building relationships with the installers and consumers that utilize our products. Two decades later, we’ve continued improving our films and coatings, but our dedication to our clients hasn’t changed one bit.

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Why Our Products are Superior

Our line of surface protection products is based on proven nano-ceramic technologies. For the best experience and enhanced performance, each product variation has been specially formulated for a given application.

In other words, protection for your car’s paint or windows is just the beginning—we offer multi-layer window films for homes and offices, security films, hydrophobic paint coatings, and more! We’ve developed coating formulas and film paint protection films to cover just about any material out there. We do our utmost to have something for everyone—and we provide know-how, customer support, and comprehensive warranties to boot.


Complete Protection
Nano-Ceramic Technologies
Specially Formulated
Extensive Options
Countless Applications


Whether you’re hitting the 4×4 trails or taking the highway, your vehicle is subjected to some serious wear and tear. Protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces with Supreme’s extensive lineup of protective films and coatings.


Looking to protect your surfaces at home? We’ve got you covered. Just like your car’s paint, our entire line of films can provide superior protection for countertops, appliances, cooking surfaces, and more!


The space your employees work in is just as important as the employees themselves. Upgrade your office’s energy efficiency with Supreme window tints, add a layer of protection with our security films, and protect your interior surfaces with our self-healing, 6-layer films.


There’s nothing like taking your boat out for a spin until unexpected damage ruins your day on the water. Avoid another pricey repair—protect your paint job, your interior surfaces, (and your wallet) with Supreme Films. 8-mills of protective film will ensure your valuable investment stands up to everything you can throw at it.

Security Film

Add an extra line of defense to the one most vulnerable areas in your home or office space—your windows. Supreme 8-mill security films can withstand direct impacts, while our tinted security films offer an added layer of privacy and energy efficiency.


If you’re considering protective films for your daily driver, don’t forget about your RV! Protect your “home away from home” against rocks, chemicals, bird droppings, and other debris with Supreme Films.

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